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Taking its inspiration from the beauty of luxury leathers, Tan and Brown is an online accessory store based in Australia.

Tan And Brown – Online Shop Review

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Tan and Brown showcases designer bags created by the designer duo Olivia Lennan and Annabelle Parfitt, both of which are motivated to create items that users can “wear with love, follow the sun and travel the world.”

Tan And Brown

Tan and Brown embrace the carefree bohemian philosophy with each of its designer pieces. Bags are crafted from ethically sourced leathers and skins which are certified by CITES. Their products include accessories constructed from cow fur, butter soft calfskin, crocodile and sting ray. Items are hand-painted and individually crafted as a tribute to traditional techniques.

The Tan and Brown website speaks a lot about the brand’s aesthetics. Large image banners greet users, depicting the laidback charm of the sold items. Colors are slightly muted in order to emphasize the brand’s classic and vintage feel. The brand’s label is in a whimsical type-written print, and the main navigation is found atop the feature banner. Click ‘Shop’ to access the collections available for sale. A mosaic of the brand’s Instagram feed can be seen in the lowest part of the page.

In viewing the Tan and Brown catalog, users can delight in seeing the colorful products popping in contrast with the white background. Items are showcased in US Dollars and there is a ‘Sold Out’ banner which indicates that the product is no longer available.

Tan and Brown bags are elegantly displayed with a bit of its reflection underneath, as if shot on a glass podium. Product pages showcase more information about the item, including an image shot of a model holding the piece. There’s a rating system which speaks of how customers love the item, and more bags included in the collection are featured underneath.

Overall, the Tan and Brown website offers a basic, easy-to-use shopping system, maximizing the capabilities of the Shopify platform. Its pages are responsive and transforms into a mobile-ready website depending on the user’s gadget.

Tan and Brown offers international shipping, delivering items from Bali, Indonesia and/or Sydney Australia. Returns are accepted as long as it is returned within 3 days of receipt. Items must be unused with tags still intact for one to gain a refund within 7 days of evaluation. The online shop accepts VISA, MasterCard and Paypal as payment methods.


Sambag is an Australian brand offering finely constructed bags and accessories

Sambag – Online Shop Review

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Offering finely constructed accessories created with high regard for sustainability, Sambag is an Australian homegrown brand by Sam Wagner. Starting off with her signature collection of ballet flats and tote bags, Wagner succeeded in growing her business, which now has more than 12 boutiques locally. The brand was built as a response to the women’s need for affordable yet sophisticated fashion items. Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Elle Macpherson and Robin Wright have been spotted wearing Sambag’s items.


The brand’s website reflects the demure, classy female; baby blue accent strips break the white canvass. A large, static image greets each visitor in the homepage. The clickable banner leads the user in the promo page. Meanwhile, the Sambag website navigation is sleek and simple, with a drop-box of sub-category appearing when the user hovers the mouse on the main menu. A newsletter sign-up box can be viewed further down below, along with the row of social media buttons linking to the brand’s account.

The website takes a bit while to load, but presents a lovely interface when it settles. Fashion illustrations are scattered on Sambag’s information pages. Product galleries show off the brand’s unique items in large images. Upon reaching the item catalog, one can see a minimalist template offering information which expands through an accordion. Alternate images show the product’s different angles and how it appears when worn.

Sambag offers a wide variety of fashion items, including a great collection shoes, clothing and bags. The brand is aimed towards women who enjoy classic footwear designs, versatile bags and colorful apparel. There’s an air of sophistication and grace with every piece, making it a great wardrobe staple to be used in any suitable season. Items are mid-range and are perfect for adult females in their early 20s to their 40s.

Different shipping options are available locally. Free shipping is available for orders over $200. A road express shipping option presents a $10 flat rate fee for orders under $200. Sambag has a “Want It Now” delivery offered to Sydney customers, with same-day shipping, allowing buyers to receive the item within 3-4 hours. For orders in New Zealand, users must pay a flat rate of $35. International shipping costs $45.

Returns and exchanges are available for items still in saleable condition. Some items, like swimwear and jewelry, are excluded for returns due to the local health regulations. Sambag accepts payments through PayPal, VISA and Mastercard.


Ever Me

Founded in 2012, Ever Me is an online retailer of branded bags for men and women. It was conceived out of a desire to become the ultimate online bag shopping destination.

Ever Me – Online Shop Review

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True to its cause, Ever Me flourished into a bustling fashion hub, gaining an audience of bag enthusiasts while stocking on the world’s favorite designer accessories.

Simple and straightforward, its website prioritizes its customers’ ease of use. The navigation is divided into general categories; hovering on the title allows the user to view the sub-groups conveniently. Within the menu, customers can select ways to shop bags: by designer, by style or by size. Featured items are highlighted through a five-image gallery, giving the one a glimpse of the store’s well-loved items. There’s also a slide showcasing brands included in Ever Me’s international roster.

Ever Me

Inside a specific category, users are given the chance to filter bags to their own preference. One can narrow down their choices by color, material, pricing and even discounts, which ranges from 20-40% off. Items are showcased in a gallery and hovering upon it gives the actual view of how the bag is used.

Each product page in Ever Me’s store features the item, additional image angles, pricing and a detailed description. The page also states whether the bag is in stock and lists down similar items which the customer may like to compare the product with.

Ever Me carries a myriad of designer bags, ranging from high-end international labels such as Michael Kors, Nine West, Kate Spate, Coach and Guess. The online retailer also stocks on local designers including Olga Berg and Thick as Thieves. There is a section exclusively for men, offering satchels, briefcases, business bags and messenger bags. Travel items, wallets and purses are found in the Accessories section. Completing the Ever Me catalog are products specifically made for tech gadgets: tablet sleeves, laptop bags and backpacks.

Solely catering to its Australian customers, Ever Me offers free delivery for orders AUS$70 and above. For customers in New Zealand, there’s a separate version of the store dedicated to accept orders from the country.

Product returns are allowed within 100 days of purchase for a full refund, on the condition that the item is unused and the packaging still intact. Accepted payment options are PayPal, VISA and MasterCard.


Selling authentic pre-owned luxury goods, Swayy is an online shopping destination for exclusive consignments.

Swayy – Online Shop Review

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Selling authentic pre-owned luxury goods, Swayy is an online shopping destination for exclusive consignments. Working hand in hand with the International Anti-Counterfeit Council (IACC), the store evaluates each handpicked item with a panel of experts to ensure excellent quality. Merchandises undergo a rigid authentification process, including condition examination, repair & restoration, and source tracing.


A reflection of the products it sells, Swayy’s website is refined, polished and handsome, with elegant gray tones for its canvass. Users are welcomed with a carousel of features, inviting them to browse through the many authentic products within the site. Navigation is basic, with each category leading to a gallery of product which can be filtered by style, designer, material and condition. Product pages disclose the second-hand item’s evaluation, its pricing and description.

Swayy offers a bounty of luxurious products, from handbags to jewelry to accessories. Everything is designer-made; users will be delighted to see names of prominent international brands such as Celine, Prada, Hermes, Fendi and Chanel. Their handbag range is broad and concise, with different styles and sizes for every preference.

There is a Jewellery section which offers bangles, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in quality condition. The Accessories section presents a range of smaller essentials such as scarves, wallets, tablet cases and business card holders.

The lavishness of its items make Swayy a favorite destination by an affluent demographic, including working women aging from mid-20s above. Pricing is generally expensive, parallel to the store’s deluxe items.

Offering unique customer services, the Swayy website presents a unique platform called “Luxury Item Selector”. This allows customers to mobilize fashion experts, called LUXE Hunters, to look for a special item not available in the store. Owners of premium commodities can also take part in selling their designer items by connecting with Swayy’s Consignment Boutique.

Swayy offers Australia-wide and international shipping. Local orders can benefit from the store’s free-shipping. For item returns, users are asked to request for a Return Authorization number for the parcel and must be shipped back to the store within 14 days since the delivery date. Refund is performed within 5-10 days of the shop’s receipt of the returned item.

Payment options include PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and American Express. There is a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option in the site with the help of zipMoney, allowing customers to enjoy their goods with timely installment.

Love Handbags

Love Handbags is an online boutique selling up-and-coming designer leather and canvas handbags to Australia and the world.

Love Handbags – Online Shop Review

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With an oversupply of handbag shops online, Love Handbags sets itself apart by selling bags from new designers that you’ve probably never heard of – stylish and sometimes a little quirky, these handbags are for the girl who likes to be a little different. They source and ship the bags direct from the manufacturers, so the carbon footprint in getting the bag to you is reduced. And because they have limited availability, the bags haven’t been sitting in a warehouse somewhere gathering dust. It also means the bags are new and modern – perhaps even pushing unique individual trends rather than following mass produced markets.

Love Handbags

The price range for these bags is the lower to mid-range – they’re not cheap and nasty, but they’re not expensive bags either. They look like good quality bags and great value if you’re the type of girl who appreciates an alternative style to the mainstream.

The Love Handbags website is a nicely designed, modern online shop. There’s nothing complicated or confusing about it.

You can see from the first time you load a page that time and care have been taken in designing and building the website. Big beautiful photos greet you on every page, from the huge leading images on the homepage, to the crisp details of the product shots (which you can enlarge).

The website is quick to load and easy to navigate, it’s easy to browse bags, and generally easy to use. It even works nicely on mobile phones – the photos look super sharp! The homepage shows off some of their most popular bags, as well as displaying new bags and bags on sale.

Love Handbags offers free shipping to Australia, as well as the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of Europe. The website’s prices are in Australian dollars by default, but you can also change it to your local currency. Love Handbags accept the major credit cards and bitcoin (if you’re into that), as well as PayPal.