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Style Rocks

Propelled by a love for accessorizing, Style Rocks launched a jewellery store that highlights the expression of individual style.

Style Rocks – Online Shop Review

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Offering customised jewellery is Style Rocks, an online accessory store based in Australia. It was founded in 2011 by Pascale Helyar-Moray, who found the lack of jewellery alternatives in the market frustrating.

Style Rocks

It is with this concept that Style Rocks won the hearts of local consumers, even celebrities. Joining hands with jewellery manufacturers, the company is able to produce personalization options at a lowered price. Fans of the brand can enjoy complete control over the design of their jewellery, including colour themes, base metal and gemstones.

The Style Rocks website represents the exquisite jewellery brand pleasantly, with its black and lilac accentuated theme. Big banners welcome the guests, displaying featured products, while on the black row beneath the header is the main navigation. Smaller boxes embodying a jewellery personality come right after the rotating banner. The homepage also features videos showing how they create their gems. Press reviews are cited at the end, and a sticky tab below offers live chat from the Jewellery Concierge.

Style Rocks is best sought after its engagement and wedding ring collections, but it also offers a wide catalogue for other jewellery types. There are categorized sections for men and women, as well as for a variety of personalities.

Inside the Style Rocks catalogue, guests are introduced to the items with a descriptive prologue. On the left-hand panel is a filtering option. You can sort by price or browse by tag, whichever makes your selecting process more convenient.

Images load easily per page, all depicted in high-quality shot previews. On mouse-hover, one can see a quick view option which makes purchasing easier for the buyer.

Prices range from $100 to $4,000, with each product created from high-quality metals sparkling with precious and semi-precious stones. The cost is greatly influenced by Style Rocks’ customization options, allowing buyers to freely personalize jewellery to their liking. All products are in Australian Dollars.

Style Rocks ships domestically and internationally. Each item comes with a valuation certificate and is wrapped gorgeously in a box. The online store accepts payments from PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

For returns, refunds and exchanges, the brand abides by a policy which allows claims for exchange or re-crediting for the returned item. Delayed claims, however, may lead to reject of refunds or exchanges.

Ruby Olive

Ruby Olive is an Australian-based online boutique selling finely-crafted jewellery and accessories.

Ruby Olive – Online Shop Review

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Inviting users to “live in color”, Ruby Olive was founded in 2010 by designer and entrepreneur Skye Anderton. She named her jewellery label after her grandmother.

Ruby Olive

The brand’s aesthetics is comprised of bold statement pieces with characteristic designs. Ruby Olive explores the world’s different cultures and comes back with narratives in form of delightful jewelries. Pushing their love for the environment, the online boutique prioritizes products made up of raw and sustainable products that comply with Fair Trade principles.

The website speaks of Ruby Olive’s philosophy. Turquoise blue header creates a quirky, friendly accent above the logo and navigation. A large feature banner interchanges with different highlights every few seconds, allowing users to have a lingering look at the products on display. A threesome of boxes highlights some of the site’s links, such as the new arrivals, gift cards and product spotlights. Users can notice the variety of textures splashed on the images, creating a funky, modern appearance. Further down below, users can spot boutique favorites.

Ruby Olive’s homepage allows users to easily shop without navigating away. On the left panel, one can select ways to shop: by range and by color. A few downward scrolls and one can be led to a collection of Instagram shots tagged with the label. An olive green footer gathers all the important links providing customer information about the products and the shop.

Product catalogues display the item, description, price and alternate images. Four similar products for comparison are found on an array underneath the main item.

Ruby_Olive_online_shop_Accessories from Ruby Olive are aimed for the modern, contemporary women who want something young and unique. The store offers a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, each product handpicked and wonderfully-constructed. Popular materials used in the collection are resin, wood and coral.

Shipping domestically in Australia and around the world, Ruby Olive offers a variety of delivery options for the customer. Express shipping requires a flat rate of $12 for local conveyance, while each International Registered Air Mail shipments require a $16 fee. Free shipping is available to Australian orders over $50.

PayPal, Visa and MasterCard payments are Ruby Olive’s preferred methods. A gift card option is available for purchase in the online store. For users with intent to give their purchase as a gift, a gift wrapping service is available online.

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Molten Store

The Molten Store is an online boutique curating unique accessories and one-of-a-kind gifts reflecting the romantic, the bohemian, and the incomprehensible.

Molten Store – Online Shop Review

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Launched in 2011, the spirited Molten Store brand revels in exotic items not regularly found in the retail market. Founded by Jessy Cameron, the purveyed products in the store are reminiscent of otherworldly gems found in flea markets and souks. Vogue Australia describes Cameron as a “young rebel seeking adventure,” reflecting the vibrant concept of the Molten Store itself.

Molten Store

The website takes a page from Jessy Cameron’s book; a feeling of antiquity surrounds the homepage. Fonts glow in the mix of serif and sans serif type, with the main menu lined up for a convenient clicking. The middle part snatches the user’s attention with rotating banners featuring Molten Store’s products. A few more scrolls below and a scroll of new items can be viewed beneath the gray accent line. The blue footer highlights informational links about the user’s account, customer care and brand details. Users can also connect with Molten Store’s social media accounts and newsletter.

The navigation allows users to view items in different categories. Under the ‘Designers’ link is a row of brands known for their exceptional jewelry constructions. The rest of the menu such as ‘Jewellery’ and ‘Accessories’ provide sub-categories on a drop-down list box.

Molten Store offers a limited number of handpicked items from the local and international scene. These products are chosen carefully for the exceptional muse. Product galleries showcase the items row by row, with an accessible ‘Add to Tote’ button for purchase underneath the image. The product page gives information about the item, the designer, and the size and fit.

The brand aims to please the chic and curious female demography in their early 20s to 40s. Travelers, jetsetters, wanderlusts and collectors will be in harmony with the exciting relics found in the Molten Store. Items are generally sold in a mid-range price, with collectibles costing $300 or less. Stylish items including a variety of miaudieres, jewelry and fragrances are available inside the shop. Stationery products are also sold for that exceptional desktop item.

Molten Store accepts local Australian and international shipping. All orders include a flat rate shipping fee. Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of the purchase date. For payment options, the online store accepts PayPal, credit cards and in-store gift cards.

Road Trip Collective

Road Trip Collective is a newly launched online shopping brand that showcases unique, handmade accessories.

Road Trip Collective- Online Shop Review

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Road Trip Collective debuted in 2012 and hails from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Surrounded by an inspired beach backdrop, the makers of the brand take their ideas from nature, sourcing ethically-produced materials from around the world.

Road Trip Collective

With a true hipster feel, Road Trip Collective’s website is fun and youthful, with an interchanging banner of beach settings catching any user’s attention. The brand’s logo is made up of a seemingly scribbled font; its handwritten appearance makes the label down-to-earth and friendly. Navigating through the store is simple as the main menu is listed just below the header. The website makes use of an e-commerce template yet shines with individuality, thanks to the large, well-shot product images.

Users will be taken into an accessory-filed journey as they enter Road Trip Collective’s product catalogue. Galleries offer a good number of items for viewing. Skimming through the products is made convenient when using the sorting option found on the upper region of the gallery. One can filter products by maker, price, newness and availability.

On visiting the item’s page, customers will be pleased by the Road Trip Collective website’s simplicity. A description tab is found underneath the main image. When hovered upon, users can zoom in the product for a clearer view. The add-to-cart option is found on the gray box on the right corner of the page.

The online boutique sells artisan-made jewelries, ranging from necklaces, cuffs, earrings, anklets, rings and many others. These products greatly appeals to wanderlusts and adventurists who wants to see the other side of the world. Road Trip Collective items are inspired from Nepalese tribes to sea gems found in the Indian Ocean. Each charm reflects cultural individuality which sparks appreciation for the unseen indigenous groups around the globe.

Road Trip Collective offers shipping for specific available countries, including New Zealand, US, Canada and Spain. This detail can be viewed under the user account. Shipping charges are automatically calculated during checkout. Customers are suggested to choose their items carefully as the store does not accept returns. Items are checked before shipping in ensuring that there are no faults. Prices indicated in the store are in Australian dollars. Accepted payment choices are PayPal, VISA, American Express and MasterCard.

MAN The Label

Bold, minimalist and modern, Man the Label is an online shop offering editorial jewellery pieces.

Man the Label – Online Shop Review

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Man the Label was founded by Sheila Man, a jewellery designer whose strong point is a great fondness for the South American culture, with a dash of originality. Man is born in Argentina, surrounded by kinfolk of artisans who sparked a creative influence in her through her growing years.

MAN The Label

After studying Fashion Design in Australia, Sheila Man launched her vision through her jewellery line. Man the Label has garnered celebrity following and has been featured in many prominent lifestyle publications such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Vogue.

Man the Label’s website speaks prominently of its aesthetics; large images interchange, featuring the strong and chunky accessories from the brand. This becomes the highlight of a rather minimalist website, with words and labels taking a step back while the products take the spotlight. Feature banners are shot with a distinct, vintage magazine feel, making users imagine they are flipping through pages of a fashion publication.

The shop’s gallery presents the accessories in a clear, top angle; radiating with the same contemporary feel similar to its homepage. Description and pricing are stated in underneath Man the Label’s products. Clicking through the link, users are guided to a page containing a detailed description, product care instruction and a view of related products. Images can be zoomed in for a closer view when users hover on the item.

Man the Label is all about high-fashion jewellery for women. One can view a range of exceptionally made necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings within the shop. An exclusive range of accessories are found on a separate section, which showcases bags, clutches and key rings. Prices are mid-range, catering to edgy, fashionable women in their 20s, 30s and even 40s.

Offering both Australian and international shipping, Man the Label presents users with free shipping perks for domestic orders over AUS$100 and global orders of AUS$200. Returns are only permitted when the delivered item is found faulty. Exchange is limited to color change and item suitability (i.e., bracelets). The returned or exchanged goods are accepted within 10 days of purchase and must not be used or altered, with the packaging intact.

For item checkout, Man the Label accepts Visa and MasterCard. All transactions are in AUS$.