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Offering safe, sunless tanning for a gorgeously vibrant skin, Bronze is a skin treatment online store from Melbourne.

Bronze – Online Shop Review

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Bronze, a family-run business, carries genuine tanning products from both local and international labels, aiming to impress its customers with its handpicked selection and low prices.


The Bronze website is a sleek, user-friendly representation of the brand. It has a clean, interactive platform with responsive elements, making sure that it will be read in all types of mobile gadgets. A large banner highlights crisp, high-quality images that interchange every few seconds. The black line spreading across the page acts like a timer for each feature display.

Down the homepage are some of Bronze’s highly-rated items, most of which are in their discounted price. Further promotions are lined up in the lower right corner which, just like the feature banner, interchanges as well. Scrolling further below leads one to the brand’s social media accounts and a few informational links.

The main navigation is settled at the top, just beside the Bronze’s main header. Hover onto the links and a drop-down box will appear. There’s a separate catalogue for individual users and salon owners. One can also choose to shop by their favourite brands.

Inside the gallery are high-quality thumbnails displayed in large images. Despite the size, the catalogue loads easily and offers a dynamic interface for its users. Pops of sky blue colour makes the gallery appear youthful and inviting. On mouse-hover, users see the item’s current price plus a quick-view option. This allows one to know more about the product without leaving the page.

Bronze’s product selections include fake tan and wash-off products, moisturizers, scrubs and removers, extenders, sunscreen and other skin care items. These can be used by both men and women. There’s also a collection for tanning spas, offering professional solutions and kits which owners can offer their customers.

The Bronze online catalogue is meant to exclusively cater buyers from Australia, but international shipping can be availed upon request. Free domestic delivery is offered to those who ordered products worth more than $50. For those who order less, there’s a flat rate fee of $6.95.

Returns are warmly accepted. Bronze customers who are unhappy with the purchase results can gain a 100% full refund in form of credit. Payment options accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and PayPal.



Inspired from a natural way of healing that originated from Asia, Ayurda is a skin care brand which offers specialty regimens for a nourished, energized and balanced skin.

Ayurda Skin Care – Online Shop Reviews

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Ayurda is a Sanskrit term which can be translated as “bestower of longevity.” Harmonizing beauty with well-being, the brand seeks to prolong one’s youthful glow with a unique approach and all-natural products.


Ayurda proudly offers hand-crafted blends which can be incorporated to one’s beauty routine. Without using parabens, artificial colors, fragrances and fillers, the brand ensures its customers with fresh, organic nutrients which will reinforce life and radiance on one’s skin.

The online shopping website speaks genuinely of its oriental background. A subtle artwork of paisley in the banner gives a hint of Ayurda’s Asian aesthetics. Brightly colored banners become the center of attention in the homepage. Featured products are showcased below the carousel, while a scroll-type frame below showcases more information about the store.

One of the highlights of the Ayurda website is a quiz which helps users understand more about their skin type. Once answered, the result becomes a lead to finding out which beauty regimen fits their lifestyle. The brand’s holistic approach includes customized solutions infused with an all-natural product line.

Products can be accessed through the “Shop” link, found on the row of menus at the upper part of the feature banner. Customers can scan different items by search, or use the left panel for browsing product types. There are cleansers for the face and the body, creams, treatments, hair care and programs (product sets). Items are showcased in small images but with detailed description.

On visiting a product page, one can see a bigger version of the item, accompanied by its description, usage, ingredients and lifestyle suitability. Below are product suggestions which customers have purchased alongside the chosen item.

Ayurda ships in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. For local Australian orders, there is a free shipping benefit for orders above AU$99. International orders can also take that advantage when they order more than US$199. One can choose to pay with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Refunds are accepted, but users are warned to choose carefully as Ayurda does not refund incorrect choices. Exchanges must be reported within 3 days of receipt. Users will be reimbursed using the same payment method they made.

Facial Co

Facial Co is an Australian owned and operated skin care store offering a plethora of bath and beauty products for men and women.

Facial Co – Online Shop Review

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Facial Co was founded on 2006 by Darren Clark, who valued customer-experience first foremost. Facial Co. offers genuine labelled cosmetics in both affordable and high-end prices, free sampling and premium packing.

Facial Co

Currently, the brand has its flagship store in Brisbane and is networked by different clinics all over Australia.

With bright colours popping out of its plain white background, the Facial Co. online store is a fun, funky website with a responsive platform. Displayed on the homepage is a line of menus, plus an interchanging set of banners at the heart of the page. Scrolling down below, you can see a highlighted set of product favourites a list of brands and many helpful links by the footer.

There’s an exclusive program called ‘Find My Skin Type’, allowing users to learn more about their skin status by answering a set of questions. As a result, Facial Co. lists down products to complement specific types for the consumer’s use.

Being an online shopping mall for all beauty products, there’s a wide selection of items within the Facial Co. store. From care line products for skin, hair, bath and body are among the most highlighted catalogues. There is also a collection of makeup, fragrance, and an exclusive series for men within the galleries. Gifts and kits are offered to those who want to gift a loved one with premium beauty products.

The gallery shows the products in a clear, white-background shot. Specific product pages offer ratings, a detailed description and purchase options. There’s also a ‘How to Use’ tab to aid the buyer in maximizing the item.

Facial Co. offers different shipping methods for both local and international orders. There is Standard Shipping, Express Shipping and Pick-Up for Australian customers. Global members will have their fees calculated and the items will reach them from 1-3 weeks.

The brand applies its return policy for all the products bought offline and online. If one changes his mind or bought the wrong item, the purchase can be returned to Facial Co. within 30 days in exchange for the store credit. Due to the nature of the product, it is a must that the item is still in its original, saleable condition and has not been used.

Facial Co. accepts VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

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100 Percent Pure

100 Percent Pure is an online makeup shop that offers 100% natural ingredients in their cosmetics.

100 Percent Pure – Online Shop Review

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In order to reduce potential health issues resulting from chemically-based products, 100 Percent Pure abstains from synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrances to create an all-natural, vegan formula makeup for all. The brand originally hails from the US and is distributed in Australia by Nourish Life.

100 Percent Pure

Free of any digital add-ons and embellishments, the 100 Percent Pure website stays true to its name. The e-commerce store, powered by Volusion, offers an all-natural atmosphere with its flower-and-fruit themed features. A carousel of highlights is nestled in the center of the front page, just below the main menu which is displayed inside a mauve-colored row.

A few scrolls down and one can see the latest press features for the brand, along with the list of magazines that has published 100 Percent Pure’s products in its pages.

Featured products are showcased in a pink-colored frame, with large images cast in white boxes which are a lovely contrast to the background. The website loads easily, despite of the volumes of images, and is responsive to different browsers.

There is a full catalog of makeup found in the 100 Percent Pure store. Categories can be accessed through the drop-down list box upon mouse-hovering on the links on the main navigation. Users can delight in seeing their favorite cosmetics in a vegan blend, staying true to an eco-friendly philosophy.

Each product page offers full information about the item, including the range of ingredients used. Down below the main product are boxes of related items. There’s a recent history box which shoes the products the user has previously viewed.

The makeup series is pigmented from fruits, while natural skin care items are derived from coffee, tea leave and floral ingredients. All of the cosmetics manufactured are free from gluten, emulsifiers and animal cruelty. With this, 100 Percent Pure products are made for men and women who seek to find alternatives from the toxic-based products commonly found in the market. These items are also safe for children use.

100 Percent Pure offers free shipping for orders above $99, Australia-wide. Orders below that amount will incur a flat rate of $9.95. The online store does not offer delivery to international countries. Accepted payment methods are PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Alive Skin and Hair

 Alive Skin + Hair is an online boutique offering a great range of skin care and beauty products.

Alive Skin and Hair – Online Shop Review

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Alive Skin + Hair is Australian owned and operated, offering authentic products with up to 40% RRP savings storewide. The label was founded in 2007 and has flourished into one of the local go-to beauty spots online.

Alive Skin and Hair

With bright splashes of colors standing out from its main white canvass, the Alive Skin + Hair website delivers a sophisticated, user-friendly ecommerce platform for all its online users.

Feature banners switch within seconds, capturing the attention of its guests with its product promotions. Boxes of blue and red are nestled just beside the features, highlighting the brand’s rewards and shipping capabilities. Below is a list of some of the labels Alive Skin + Hair carries, along with the top products within the catalogue.

Scrolling down below, users can see feature articles from the Alive blog. The final part of the homepage is a gray footer which offers a lot of informational links.

Product ranges include skincare, makeup, hair care, bath & body, and an exclusive selection for men. All of these can be accessed through the main menu just atop the feature banners.

A drop down list box revealing sub-categories take away the clutter of the links, yet still offering a specific category one can navigate in. Product lines such as anti-ageing, bronzers, hair treatments, fragrance, nail care and even accessories are available in the Alive Skin + Hair catalogue.

Responsive and easy-to-load, Alive Skin + Hair’s gallery offers a peek at the products. Each is showcased in clear images, with the item name and pricing indicated underneath. There’s a sorting option available in the topmost part, while users can choose to shop by brand or price by using the left panel.

Alive Skin + Hair ships to Australia and New Zealand, with free options for orders above $99 as well as in-store pickups from Perth, WA. The label offers same day dispatch so that buyers can obtain their purchases in the soonest time possible.

When it comes to returns, Alive Skin + Hair accept products which are incorrectly shipped, faulty or damaged. It is the buyer’s responsibility to rectify their plans for return within 30 days.

Pricing indicated in the website are in Australian Dollars. Alive Skin + Hair accepts payment through PayPal, VISA and MasterCard.

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