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Red Hot Sunglasses

Red Hot Sunglasses is an online boutique offering designer eyewear and high-fashion women’s sunglasses.

Red Hot Sunglasses – Online Shop Review

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An online boutique offering designer eyewear, Red Hot Sunglasses is a UK-based brand now extending its presence in Australia.

Red Hot Sunglasses

The company was formed on 2010, aiming to offer luxury, high-fashion sunglasses for both men and women. It is by a formidable team whose two-decade experience in the fashion industry propels the group to new heights. Currently, Red Hot Sunglasses offers more than 40 designer labels within its catalogue.

Hues of bright red evoke a splash of fun in the brand’s online store. The logo itself flames with the vivid tone, emphasizing the passion and demand for its items. Red Hot Sunglasses offers an easy, quick-to-navigate platform. Large feature banners interchange in the heart of the homepage. Quick advertisements are perched atop the banner for the user’s convenience. There’s a duet of sticky buttons on the right panel of the page, inviting users to add items to their wishlist, or to share it via their social media accounts.

The main menu is found on a black row beneath the search box, with the navigation billowing into a black drop-down box showing hidden sub-categories. There’s an exclusive section for men, women and kids. Each reveals lists of brands and styles to traverse into. The image representation of the frame styles make it easy for any user to search for the designs they prefer.

The Red Hot Sunglasses catalogue offers a minted selection of luxury items in high-grade images. Colors pop from the white background, with the glaring red tone showing off the current price of the item. On the left-hand panel is a filtering option, which allows users to select items by brand, style, collection and lens color. The gallery showcases a wide number of items, automatically loading until the final row.

As for the product pages, each item is portrayed by a large image with the description on its right corner. Color options and quantity are slated on the same section. Below is an array of similar sunglasses which users can compare and alternatively purchase. Due to its designer-limited selection, Red Hot Sunglasses offer upscale priced products which are meant for the high-end fashion lovers.

Red Hot Sunglasses ships to Australia, with free shipping offered to orders above $150. Returns are accepted. Accepted payment options are VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and PayPal. Student discount options are available through the online store.

Smart Buy Glasses

Smart Buy Glasses is a New Zealand based online boutique carrying a large range of designer eyewear.

Smart Buy Glasses – Online Shop Review

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The brand is under the Smart Buy Glasses Optical Group, a global retailer of designer glasses with flagship stores in Australia, US and UK. It has been featured in local and international publications including The New Zealand Herald, GQ and Glamour.

Smart Buy Glasses

Imbibed with a chic, corporate feel, the Smart Buy Glasses website suggests that purchasing from them is an intelligent choice. A white container shines in contrast with the dark gray background, allowing colourful images to shine. There’s a list of featured designers on the main page, giving guests a hint of the luxurious items this brand carries. The navigation is found on the coal-coloured row at the top of the featured banner, with categories divided into prescription glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses, fashion glasses and contact lenses.

Each main link, when hovered, glow in an orange hue and gives way to a billowing box filled with sub-categories. Image rendering of the designs makes it easy for guests to choose their frames. One can shop inside the Smart Buy Glasses catalogue by gender, style, frame material and price.

Upon reaching the gallery, one is lead into rows of product images shot in a white background. Featured items with top sellers are emphasized with an orange indicator. A filtering panel is available on the left side of the page, listing down items by brands, arrival and price. There’s also a selecting option for size range, ensuring that the chosen frame will fit the wearer perfectly.

Inside the Smart Buy Glasses product page, one can view the item with a bigger image, alongside with a detailed description, product perks and purchase options. There are essential links included in the data to give the user more information about the product.

Smart Buy Glasses ships to New Zealand and as well as international addresses. Express shipping is free for online buyers. The brand makes use of DHL and Aramex as its courier. There’s a built-in order tracking system within the website for those who want to check their parcel’s current location.

The brand makes use of the 100-Day Returns Policy, offering full refund or exchange for eyewear and lenses. In order to cover each product, Smart Buy Glasses offer a 2-year warranty for its eyewear and 3-month warranty for contact lenses. Payment options accepted are through PayPal and WorldPay.

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Sneaking Duck

Sneaking Duck is an online prescription glass store offering a plethora of frame designs for different moods.

Sneaking Duck – Online Shop Review

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Sneaking Duck was founded on 2011 and was named after a timid, nerdy duck; representing the company’s awkward but friendly hero.

Sneaking Duck

The people behind the brand are Mark Capps, Michael Fox, Jodie Fox and Mike Knapp: all of them coming from strong professional backgrounds before settling into the object of their passion: eyeglasses. Inviting users to “build a wardrobe of frames to match every outfit”, Sneaking Duck offers alternative designs for “the coolest nerds in the lab” without the huge expense.

Its e-commerce store delivers a warm but timid atmosphere, reflected in the subtle gray accents and minimalist buttons. A narrow feature banner is stamped at the centre of the homepage, while further down below are a description of Sneaking Duck’s full services. The navigation is located at the dark gray ribbon just above the rotating feature banner.

There are separated categories for men and women, each displayed in their own gallery. Images are shown two in a row, in crisp and detailed photos that one can discern the difference in the frame designs. A pop of orange is shown on the filter range at the left panel of the page. There’s a shining star button that appears upon product hover, allowing users to add the item in their favourites. One must be logged-into the Sneaking Duck site in order to do so.

Each eyeglass is displayed in a high-quality product image along with its description and purchase option. Down below, guests can see how the glass is worn. Sneaking Duck cleverly infuses the product’s story, outfit suggestion and measurement details below the main image.

There are different styles of frames for every person: among those in the list are designs for the hipster, retro, geek and vintage.

A ‘Try At Home’ option is included in the Sneaking Duck platform which allows users to personally try on the glasses without any obligation to buy. The item is required to be returned within a timeframe. This service is available in Australia only. International users can make use of the virtual service.

Sneaking Duck ships worldwide and Australia-wide, with a 100% free delivery available for both shipments. Returns are accepted and must be done within 60 days for replacement, change of pair or refund. The brand accepts payments through VISA, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.

Sunday Somewhere

Sunday Somewhere defines itself as a casual-luxury eyewear brand inspired by the artistic generation.

Sunday Somewhere – Online Shop Review

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Sunday Somewhere highlights the beauty of the urban lifestyle; offering unique, limited edition accessories from its online shop. With evident minimalist construction using high quality materials, the label’s range of eyewear is distinctly modern yet still, timeless.

The Sunday Somewhere brand is currently carried by different stockists in Asia, Australia, Europe, US and the Middle East.

Sunday Somewhere

Expressing its audience’s individuality, Sunday Somewhere’s website offers a clean, image-centric appearance reminiscent of a magazine. Focusing on the middle portion of the site, there’s a rotating feature image that showcases different items in the shop. Navigation is of subtle silver color, while the label’s header shows off the brand’s spin on some of its alphabets.

Clear dropboxes fall from the main menu once the link is hovered. Under the shop are categories for the Sunday Somewhere’s league of accessories: sunglasses, headwear, lens, leather and accessories made specifically for men and women. The about page narrates the site’s description in many languages other than English; including French, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese. Sunday Somewhere also includes snippets of published features under ‘Press’.

There’s a convenient built-in contact form in the website, allowing customers and interested stockists to contact the Sunday Somewhere staff. Further information for the brand can be accessed through its online publications: the blog and newsletter.

Inside the shop is a gallery of elegant, extraordinary sunglasses in different contemporary designs and shades. Each item floats in the white background, taking the spotlight within the page. When hovered onto, images change into the side angle for a different perspective. When the item is clicked, the page automatically rolls into a frame that provides the product description, pricing, care and handling, and information for delivery and returns in an accordion style.

Items displayed in the store may not be many as other retail shops’, but consumers can delight themselves in discovering the exceptionality of Sunday Somewhere products. Showcased in the store’s collection is a wide range of eyewear, genuine leather knapsacks, doctor’s bag, and urban caps.

The brand ships Australia-wide as well as to some international locations such as Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and the US. Free shipping is available for everyone who orders above $50. Payment options accepted are Paypal, VISA and MasterCard.

Sunday Somewhere offers ‘Try It On’, which allows consumers to experiment eyewear choices and have it returned in case they find the item ill-fitting. Requests must be within 7 days after the receipt of order.

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