Love Handbags is an online boutique selling up-and-coming designer leather and canvas handbags to Australia and the world.

Love Handbags – Online Shop Review

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With an oversupply of handbag shops online, Love Handbags sets itself apart by selling bags from new designers that you’ve probably never heard of – stylish and sometimes a little quirky, these handbags are for the girl who likes to be a little different. They source and ship the bags direct from the manufacturers, so the carbon footprint in getting the bag to you is reduced. And because they have limited availability, the bags haven’t been sitting in a warehouse somewhere gathering dust. It also means the bags are new and modern – perhaps even pushing unique individual trends rather than following mass produced markets.

Love Handbags

The price range for these bags is the lower to mid-range – they’re not cheap and nasty, but they’re not expensive bags either. They look like good quality bags and great value if you’re the type of girl who appreciates an alternative style to the mainstream.

The Love Handbags website is a nicely designed, modern online shop. There’s nothing complicated or confusing about it.

You can see from the first time you load a page that time and care have been taken in designing and building the website. Big beautiful photos greet you on every page, from the huge leading images on the homepage, to the crisp details of the product shots (which you can enlarge).

The website is quick to load and easy to navigate, it’s easy to browse bags, and generally easy to use. It even works nicely on mobile phones – the photos look super sharp! The homepage shows off some of their most popular bags, as well as displaying new bags and bags on sale.

Love Handbags offers free shipping to Australia, as well as the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of Europe. The website’s prices are in Australian dollars by default, but you can also change it to your local currency. Love Handbags accept the major credit cards and bitcoin (if you’re into that), as well as PayPal.