Coco Kitten is an online boutique offering “all things beautiful”, from bags and jewellery to accessories.

Coco Kitten – Online Shop Review

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The accessory-centric shop offers leather bags, statement jewellery and other high quality finds at an affordable price. Targeting modern, everyday women, Coco Kitten aims to be a hub for designer items without “burning a hole” in the consumers’ pocket.

The brand was established in 2008 and has a brick-and-mortar HQ nestled in Melbourne. Currently, its online presence carries brands from Bowie Accessories, Get Me to New York, Pink Corporation and Coco Kitten’s very own line.

Coco Kitten

Its website is drafted in white and black, allowing colours to pop out smoothly. Coco Kitten’s navigation is easy and the responsiveness of the theme enhances user experience. Its pages make use of large, high quality images showcased in a convenient gallery. Users can easily filter items by using the left-hand panel, which offers customization in shopping by product type, price and brand.

Product pages are simple, basic and easy to access. Images offer a quick view option so users do not have to wander away from the catalogue. The frame offers information about the item, pricing and discount, gift wrapping options and product reviews. Some similar products are featured beneath the main item.

Most of the products are within the mid-price range, with jewelleries sold as low as $20 below. Bags only range within the $50 to $170 price mark, which is quite a steal. Other accessories included in the Coco Kitten store are hats, sunglasses, wallets, belts and Apple mobile cases.

Its user demographic is for females within the twenty to forty age range, with a fun and sassy vibe and a liking for the uncommon. Coco Kitten manages to satisfy shopaholics who are in-love with the basic and minimalist, as well as the extravagant style enthusiasts seeking to wow the crowd. With a plethora of colourful bags and show-stopping costume jewelleries, one can enjoy fine fashion finds within a small budget.

Coco Kitten’s customer friendly website also offers detailed information about shipping requirements. Free shipping is offered for local orders within $75. International shipping is also available and incurs a shipping cost of $29.95. All prices stated are in Australian Dollars.

Goods are dispatched from Coco Kitten’s Melbourne headquarters.