Founded in 2012, Ever Me is an online retailer of branded bags for men and women. It was conceived out of a desire to become the ultimate online bag shopping destination.

Ever Me – Online Shop Review

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True to its cause, Ever Me flourished into a bustling fashion hub, gaining an audience of bag enthusiasts while stocking on the world’s favorite designer accessories.

Simple and straightforward, its website prioritizes its customers’ ease of use. The navigation is divided into general categories; hovering on the title allows the user to view the sub-groups conveniently. Within the menu, customers can select ways to shop bags: by designer, by style or by size. Featured items are highlighted through a five-image gallery, giving the one a glimpse of the store’s well-loved items. There’s also a slide showcasing brands included in Ever Me’s international roster.

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Inside a specific category, users are given the chance to filter bags to their own preference. One can narrow down their choices by color, material, pricing and even discounts, which ranges from 20-40% off. Items are showcased in a gallery and hovering upon it gives the actual view of how the bag is used.

Each product page in Ever Me’s store features the item, additional image angles, pricing and a detailed description. The page also states whether the bag is in stock and lists down similar items which the customer may like to compare the product with.

Ever Me carries a myriad of designer bags, ranging from high-end international labels such as Michael Kors, Nine West, Kate Spate, Coach and Guess. The online retailer also stocks on local designers including Olga Berg and Thick as Thieves. There is a section exclusively for men, offering satchels, briefcases, business bags and messenger bags. Travel items, wallets and purses are found in the Accessories section. Completing the Ever Me catalog are products specifically made for tech gadgets: tablet sleeves, laptop bags and backpacks.

Solely catering to its Australian customers, Ever Me offers free delivery for orders AUS$70 and above. For customers in New Zealand, there’s a separate version of the store dedicated to accept orders from the country.

Product returns are allowed within 100 days of purchase for a full refund, on the condition that the item is unused and the packaging still intact. Accepted payment options are PayPal, VISA and MasterCard.