Hansen and Gretel’s knack for mixing both traditional and modern styles creates a trendy, avant-garde appeal that breaks away from the usual cookie-cutter fashion.

Hansen and Gretel – Online Shop Review

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Hansen and Gretel is a home-grown designer label created by Ainsley Hansen. The clothing brand’s strength is its focus on design wearability, with pieces constructed in timeless classics.

Hansen and Gretel

The Hansen and Gretel brand first made its way on 2012, only a few years after Hansen launched her career as a stylist in Australia’s Next Top Model. Since then, the brand has been releasing clothing pieces with sharp forms, luxe fabric and clean shapes. All of the items are geared towards the Australian consumer.

Remarkably, the designer label’s website showcases the brand’s aesthetics. Soft but solid colours appear on its homepage, with minimal texts and bigger images. You can easily access the store’s catalogue through the ‘Shop’ link. Alternately, you can visit Hansen and Gretel’s past and present collections, which are viewed on a drop-down list beneath the link.

The Hansen and Gretel gallery greets you with large product images and an elegantly assembled menu on the left part of the page. There are links for tops, skirts, dresses, sets, jumpers and accessories. Bags, shoes and leather items are included in the menu. A sorting option for the whole gallery is available on the upper right hand of the frame.

All previews are shot on a white background, allowing you to see the colours. The full-body shot reveals how each item fits. On mouse-hover, the pictures interchange into a different angle. Below the images are the description and the price.

Product pages showcase the items with its full description, size, colour and fabric content. Additional featured products can be seen on a scroll-able array underneath the main item.

Despite being a designer label, Hansen and Gretel products are affordably mid-range. The brand is aimed towards women in their twenties and thirties looking for soft, contemporary looks with a play on colours and prints. Its leather range presents an edgy series of clothing for the urban chic, while jackets showcase a fun, androgynous side for the wearer.

Hansen and Gretel accepts all major credit cards for its payment options. Returns and exchanges are permitted so long as the items are unworn and undamaged. Products must be shipped back within 2 weeks from purchase date. Refund is available for faulty items.