Taking its inspiration from the beauty of luxury leathers, Tan and Brown is an online accessory store based in Australia.

Tan And Brown – Online Shop Review

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Tan and Brown showcases designer bags created by the designer duo Olivia Lennan and Annabelle Parfitt, both of which are motivated to create items that users can “wear with love, follow the sun and travel the world.”

Tan And Brown

Tan and Brown embrace the carefree bohemian philosophy with each of its designer pieces. Bags are crafted from ethically sourced leathers and skins which are certified by CITES. Their products include accessories constructed from cow fur, butter soft calfskin, crocodile and sting ray. Items are hand-painted and individually crafted as a tribute to traditional techniques.

The Tan and Brown website speaks a lot about the brand’s aesthetics. Large image banners greet users, depicting the laidback charm of the sold items. Colors are slightly muted in order to emphasize the brand’s classic and vintage feel. The brand’s label is in a whimsical type-written print, and the main navigation is found atop the feature banner. Click ‘Shop’ to access the collections available for sale. A mosaic of the brand’s Instagram feed can be seen in the lowest part of the page.

In viewing the Tan and Brown catalog, users can delight in seeing the colorful products popping in contrast with the white background. Items are showcased in US Dollars and there is a ‘Sold Out’ banner which indicates that the product is no longer available.

Tan and Brown bags are elegantly displayed with a bit of its reflection underneath, as if shot on a glass podium. Product pages showcase more information about the item, including an image shot of a model holding the piece. There’s a rating system which speaks of how customers love the item, and more bags included in the collection are featured underneath.

Overall, the Tan and Brown website offers a basic, easy-to-use shopping system, maximizing the capabilities of the Shopify platform. Its pages are responsive and transforms into a mobile-ready website depending on the user’s gadget.

Tan and Brown offers international shipping, delivering items from Bali, Indonesia and/or Sydney Australia. Returns are accepted as long as it is returned within 3 days of receipt. Items must be unused with tags still intact for one to gain a refund within 7 days of evaluation. The online shop accepts VISA, MasterCard and Paypal as payment methods.