Coco Ribbon is an online boutique shop with a bohemian-luxe tone.

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Coco Ribbon debuted in 2002, first sighted in Notting Hill as a specialty shop for the London A-List. With prints romantically inspired by luxe materials, radiant colours and the beauty of nature, Coco Ribbon grew its following and now has its own headquarters in both London and Sydney.

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Current creative director Alison Barton Chow curates the brand’s items, inspired by the style and facets of the fashionable cities she has travelled into. Describing the brand’s aesthetics as eclectic, Coco Ribbon is a blossoming collection of beautiful things.

The brand’s website says it all: the header is topped with a whimsical butterfly, while the main attraction, the interchanging feature image, showcases the store’s looks and promoted items. Below the banner are a few image blocks in emphasis, as well as a row of Editor’s Picks. A gallery of Coco Ribbon’s Instagram account can be seen in the lowest corner of the page.

The menu is easy to access; everything is gathered into simple categories. Coco Ribbon has its own catalogue for women, girls, accessories and gifts. The brand also features its customers’ testimonies in Who Loves Coco.

Inside the shop, users will be welcomed by a gallery of high-quality images featuring Coco Ribbon’s items. The filtering option is located at the topmost part of the catalogue. A black, round ‘Sale’ button marks discounted items. Users can enjoy the ‘Quick View’ option which allows them to see greater details of the product without leaving the gallery.

Prices are mostly upscale. Coco Ribbon targets high-end fashion lovers who are affluent and are part of the working class. The multifarious, independent charm of the brand speaks to women who are brave, confident, and have a knack for the irregularly beautiful. Clothes are intermixed with tasteful colour blocks and enchanting prints, mostly in feminine and breezy structures. Among Coco Ribbon’s hottest items are jackets, patterned pairs and romantic dresses.

Surprisingly, there’s also a catalogue for little girls, showcasing whimsical dresses and coordinates in limited number. Coco Ribbon’s Girls Wear is perfect for little ladies up to 4 years old.

The brand ships worldwide, with free delivery for orders above $100. Returns are accepted when the company’s conditions are met. Items can be purchased using major credit cards and the brand’s gift voucher, Coco Currency.

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