Sneaking Duck is an online prescription glass store offering a plethora of frame designs for different moods.

Sneaking Duck – Online Shop Review

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Sneaking Duck was founded on 2011 and was named after a timid, nerdy duck; representing the company’s awkward but friendly hero.

Sneaking Duck

The people behind the brand are Mark Capps, Michael Fox, Jodie Fox and Mike Knapp: all of them coming from strong professional backgrounds before settling into the object of their passion: eyeglasses. Inviting users to “build a wardrobe of frames to match every outfit”, Sneaking Duck offers alternative designs for “the coolest nerds in the lab” without the huge expense.

Its e-commerce store delivers a warm but timid atmosphere, reflected in the subtle gray accents and minimalist buttons. A narrow feature banner is stamped at the centre of the homepage, while further down below are a description of Sneaking Duck’s full services. The navigation is located at the dark gray ribbon just above the rotating feature banner.

There are separated categories for men and women, each displayed in their own gallery. Images are shown two in a row, in crisp and detailed photos that one can discern the difference in the frame designs. A pop of orange is shown on the filter range at the left panel of the page. There’s a shining star button that appears upon product hover, allowing users to add the item in their favourites. One must be logged-into the Sneaking Duck site in order to do so.

Each eyeglass is displayed in a high-quality product image along with its description and purchase option. Down below, guests can see how the glass is worn. Sneaking Duck cleverly infuses the product’s story, outfit suggestion and measurement details below the main image.

There are different styles of frames for every person: among those in the list are designs for the hipster, retro, geek and vintage.

A ‘Try At Home’ option is included in the Sneaking Duck platform which allows users to personally try on the glasses without any obligation to buy. The item is required to be returned within a timeframe. This service is available in Australia only. International users can make use of the virtual service.

Sneaking Duck ships worldwide and Australia-wide, with a 100% free delivery available for both shipments. Returns are accepted and must be done within 60 days for replacement, change of pair or refund. The brand accepts payments through VISA, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.