Sollis Jewellery is an avant-garde Australian accessory label offering high-end statement pieces.

Sollis Jewellery – Online Shop Review

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Sollis Jewellery was conceived by Eleanor Ford, whose love for craft and fashion turned into an opportunity to break into the fashion accessory scene. Ford hand-makes each of the items, blending silhouettes and textures into luxe pieces made to stand out from the crowd.

Just like the concept it embodies, the Sollis Jewellery website makes a statement. Its homepage radiates with an enchanting mystery, showcasing collections in busts while being surrounded by a muted gray tone. Below the feature banners are interactive buttons featuring patterns. Featured jewellery previews are displayed in thumbnails, which are just a few scrolls below the page. It ends with a footer of links for Customer Care, Social Media and Blog Updates.

Sollis Jewellery

Users can shop inside Sollis Jewellery by collections. Statement necklaces and earrings parade through the catalogue, each carrying a description and pricing underneath. It loads quickly, thanks to the Shopify ecommerce platform that makes the website responsive as well. The product pages contain larger, high quality images, plus a description tab complete with the materials and dimensions. Four more related items are featured underneath the main product.

Because of its one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, Sollis Jewellery items are mostly in the high-end price. Products range from $100-$500, with a pricing stated in Australian Dollars. This is credited to the semi-precious stones and the premium quality materials that are used in the accessories. Describing its products as “opulent”, Sollis Jewellery offers durable, deluxe accessories in tarnish-free elements.

It is a brand fits affluent, stylish females yearning for editorial pieces to spice up their everyday wardrobe. Items are mostly in limited editions. A sale section highlights past collections with discounted prices.

The online store ships to its domestic and international market. Items are sent with a tracking number which can be used for tracing through the Australian Post website. Returns are only available for repair; this is specifically for faulty items and is allowed until three months from purchase. For repair returns, one must send a photograph of the item with the fault description and the proof of purchase. Further care instructions are provided through the Sollis Jewellery website.

For its payment options, Sollis Jewellery accepts Paypal, VISA, MasterCard and over-the-phone credit card purchases.