The Molten Store is an online boutique curating unique accessories and one-of-a-kind gifts reflecting the romantic, the bohemian, and the incomprehensible.

Molten Store – Online Shop Review

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Launched in 2011, the spirited Molten Store brand revels in exotic items not regularly found in the retail market. Founded by Jessy Cameron, the purveyed products in the store are reminiscent of otherworldly gems found in flea markets and souks. Vogue Australia describes Cameron as a “young rebel seeking adventure,” reflecting the vibrant concept of the Molten Store itself.

Molten Store

The website takes a page from Jessy Cameron’s book; a feeling of antiquity surrounds the homepage. Fonts glow in the mix of serif and sans serif type, with the main menu lined up for a convenient clicking. The middle part snatches the user’s attention with rotating banners featuring Molten Store’s products. A few more scrolls below and a scroll of new items can be viewed beneath the gray accent line. The blue footer highlights informational links about the user’s account, customer care and brand details. Users can also connect with Molten Store‚Äôs social media accounts and newsletter.

The navigation allows users to view items in different categories. Under the ‘Designers’ link is a row of brands known for their exceptional jewelry constructions. The rest of the menu such as ‘Jewellery’ and ‘Accessories’ provide sub-categories on a drop-down list box.

Molten Store offers a limited number of handpicked items from the local and international scene. These products are chosen carefully for the exceptional muse. Product galleries showcase the items row by row, with an accessible ‘Add to Tote’ button for purchase underneath the image. The product page gives information about the item, the designer, and the size and fit.

The brand aims to please the chic and curious female demography in their early 20s to 40s. Travelers, jetsetters, wanderlusts and collectors will be in harmony with the exciting relics found in the Molten Store. Items are generally sold in a mid-range price, with collectibles costing $300 or less. Stylish items including a variety of miaudieres, jewelry and fragrances are available inside the shop. Stationery products are also sold for that exceptional desktop item.

Molten Store accepts local Australian and international shipping. All orders include a flat rate shipping fee. Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of the purchase date. For payment options, the online store accepts PayPal, credit cards and in-store gift cards.