Sambag is an Australian brand offering finely constructed bags and accessories

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Offering finely constructed accessories created with high regard for sustainability, Sambag is an Australian homegrown brand by Sam Wagner. Starting off with her signature collection of ballet flats and tote bags, Wagner succeeded in growing her business, which now has more than 12 boutiques locally. The brand was built as a response to the women’s need for affordable yet sophisticated fashion items. Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Elle Macpherson and Robin Wright have been spotted wearing Sambag’s items.


The brand’s website reflects the demure, classy female; baby blue accent strips break the white canvass. A large, static image greets each visitor in the homepage. The clickable banner leads the user in the promo page. Meanwhile, the Sambag website navigation is sleek and simple, with a drop-box of sub-category appearing when the user hovers the mouse on the main menu. A newsletter sign-up box can be viewed further down below, along with the row of social media buttons linking to the brand’s account.

The website takes a bit while to load, but presents a lovely interface when it settles. Fashion illustrations are scattered on Sambag’s information pages. Product galleries show off the brand’s unique items in large images. Upon reaching the item catalog, one can see a minimalist template offering information which expands through an accordion. Alternate images show the product’s different angles and how it appears when worn.

Sambag offers a wide variety of fashion items, including a great collection shoes, clothing and bags. The brand is aimed towards women who enjoy classic footwear designs, versatile bags and colorful apparel. There’s an air of sophistication and grace with every piece, making it a great wardrobe staple to be used in any suitable season. Items are mid-range and are perfect for adult females in their early 20s to their 40s.

Different shipping options are available locally. Free shipping is available for orders over $200. A road express shipping option presents a $10 flat rate fee for orders under $200. Sambag has a “Want It Now” delivery offered to Sydney customers, with same-day shipping, allowing buyers to receive the item within 3-4 hours. For orders in New Zealand, users must pay a flat rate of $35. International shipping costs $45.

Returns and exchanges are available for items still in saleable condition. Some items, like swimwear and jewelry, are excluded for returns due to the local health regulations. Sambag accepts payments through PayPal, VISA and Mastercard.