Miglio is an online store dedicated to ethically-made, fashion-forward jewellery pieces.

Miglio – Online Shop Review

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The Miglio brand was born in the 1990s, a decade after its founders, Jenny and Mike Miller, started their jewellery manufacturing business in South Africa. Today, Miglio flourished in many parts of the world, opening international presences in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.


As important as its commitment to craftsmanship is the desire to create employment and sustainable living for struggling communities. Miglio works hand in hand with artisans, giving them opportunities to explore their skills with profitable compensation.

Miglio’s e-commerce website is housed under Shop AU, featuring a responsive platform and a classic, coral-accentuated design. A horizontal banner grabs the attention upon arriving at the homepage, while the main menu rests just above, allowing users to have a convenient way to navigate through the site. Featured items are stacked beneath the banner. For the entire gallery, you can click the ‘Shop By Product’ link by the navigation.

A drop-box appears upon hover, giving you the option to go and see the galleries of earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and other jewelleries showcased by the Miglio store. Once inside, a panel offers a filtering method for you to select products by pricing. A list of jewellery type parades just above the gallery’s header.

The catalogue loads the images easily, each indicating the title and pricing underneath. A quick view option is available for users to read the item’s description without leaving the page.

Prices range from below $100 to above $300. Miglio makes use of Swarovski crystals, which highlights affordability yet glimmers still with a similar glow to a true gemstone. Products are meant for picky accessory lovers who’d love something versatile in their jewellery box. A ‘Shop the Look’ link offers lookbook choices for girls who’d like to get an idea on how to style their wardrobe with Miglio jewellery.

Miglio currently ships within Australia. A flat fee of $9.95 is required for every shipment. Returns are accepted and the store must be notified within 7 days of purchase. Instead of refund, customers will gain an in-store credit which is valid for 12 months.

Its website is hosted by SecurePay, allowing customers to make use of VISA and MasterCard credit methods. All prices stated in the store are in Australian Dollars.